Action Figure Makeover: GambitAction Figure Makeover: Gambit
Hey there Little Red Riding Hood, you sure are looking good. You're everything an action figure makeover artists could want.
Hello Kitty Fortune Cookie MakerHello Kitty Fortune Cookie Maker
A set from Girl Gourmet that makes those popular soothsaying Chinese take out treats at home.
Nestle MagicNestle Magic
A candy/toy hybrid line that was discontinued in the late 90's is finally tributed in this sordid affair of ancient chocolateering.
Game on, Girl!Game on, Girl!
Three gloriously girl-ified games have been released to Toys "R" Us by Hasbro to tromp their uninspired predessesors.
Li'l Miss 'n MeLi'l Miss 'n Me
A popular doll line from the late-eighties early nineties era so amazing it was like they were all cut from the same mold!
Mystie's Egg-Cellent AdventureMystie's Egg-Cellent Adventure
It's Easter time and that means candy, candy, candy in the shape of bunnies, chicks and, oh yes -- eggs.
Action Figure Makeover: The ThingAction Figure Makeover: The Thing
Once again it's clobbering time as we take on the tough exterior of The Thing from Marvel's Fantastic Four.
New YorkMystie Takes Manhattan
Recapping a 3-day stay in New York City including one day spent at the NYC Comic Convention.
Rude DogRude Dog and the Dweebs
An episode review of an obscure 80's Saturday morning cartoon about a righteous dog and the Dweebs that love him.
Barbie n Friends Shrinky dinksBarbie 'n Friends Shrinky Dinks
Crossover fun as Barbie gets colored and crunched with some fun new friends from select TV shows of the 80's.
Action Figure Makeover: April O'NeilAction Figure Makeover: April O'Neil
Our favorite heroine from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gets turned into a punk rock princess in this twisted flip.
Sweet Secrets RebornSweet Secrets Reborn
The classic transformable mini-doll line from the 80's and 90's has been re-invented for a fresh, new digital era.
SNICK -- It's Saturday night NickelodeonSNICK -- The Anniversary
Part 1 -- Clarissa Explains it All
Part 2 -- Roundhouse
Part 3 -- Ren and Stimpy
Part 4 -- Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Action Figure Makeover : SkeletorAction Figure Makeover: Skeletor
Giving a whole new look to a classic villain, brightening up his grim appearance and firing up those old bones.
BoglinsThe Boglins Snickers Conspiracy
Chocolate covered mountain tops and waterfalls of creepily cute creatures from a fanatic mini monster era.
My Pretty MermaidsMy Pretty Mermaids
At the end of a rainbow and underneath the water, you'll find beautiful sea creatures known as the My Pretty Mermaids.
Bella SaraThe World of Bella Sara
A collectible card game determined to knock down barriers by promoting positive values to girls through horses.
Not all pets in Mr. Bungles pet shop are hot sellers. The cats have to disguise themselves as other animals to find good homes.
Optimus PrimeAction Figure Makeover: Optimus Prime
A classic toy and cartoon icon gets a girlish makeover complete with a dazzling new paint job and a little bling bling.
TinkerbellTinkerbell Cosmetics
One of the most popular play cosmetics line for girls was Tinkerbell. From brush-on peel-off nail polish to toilet water, they had it covered.
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