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Rude Dog is most commonly known for his popular 1980's Suns Sportswear clothing line for surfers, skaters, and assorted stoners. He also starred in his own Saturday morning cartoon called Rude Dog and the Dweebs. Though the series only lasted one season, it remains preserved by the master VHS D-list cartoon pioneers, Just For Kids video. It's quite feesable that with all 5 video releases each episode in the series is accounted for. To prevent mass droning, I'll be reviewing one and only one.

Rude Dog and the Dweebs, despite being a very gritty cartoon, had some fairly decent voice actors. Rude Dog was played by Rob Paulson using a voice almost identical to Steelbeak from Darkwing Duck. Also among the cast are Jim Cummings and Dave Coulier, pre-Uncle Joey days, voicing the other mongrels.

surfing est fun

As a perfect introduction, this episode begins with Rude Dog grinding some waves at the beach. Not all episodes had anything this gnarly, let alone started with such "A" material. Drunk on his own freshness, Rude Dog rocks the surf in a swank pair of Ray Bans while the poor Dweebs are left to forge a makeshift imitation using a kickboard on a rope.

herman's head

The dog catcher's truck comes clacking along as his dog, Rot, stops to post signs for a talent contest on the beach. I wish these were the types of tactics the ASPCA used, because if they held talent competitions instead of baiting some traps with week old tuna, I'd be making a phone call for every stray neightborhood cat I see. Then I'd set up in the lawn to watch the fun ala Ricky in The 'Burbs, inviting my friends over and calling the pizza dude.

In an effort to prove to Rude Dog that they're more than just processed meat food product to his filet minon, a few of the Dweebs opt to enter the contest. RD makes his way back to shore and finds that the posters strewn about were left by major dog-catchin villian, Herman.


Back at the garage, Dweebs Tweek, Caboodle, Satch, and Reggie are practicing with the vigor of a 10 year old boy pissing on an ant hill. The characters have the most abhorrible stereotypical personalities imaginable. They're just a few knocks under having a nasally red-haired tightwad Jewish dog sitting around eaging bagels and listening to Streisand. Reggie is such a greaser wanna be that I could practically smell motor oil and Marlboro when he flashed across the screen.

Due to the stealthy investigation by RD, the remaining Dweebs on the beach are keen to Herman's plot to use the contest as a trap. However, the portion of the clan at home is still poised to participate in the show. Instead of raining on their parade, the beach bum Dweebs set a plan into action to derail the speeding train of deception.

oh dear

The female Dweeb, Kibble, seduces Rot into entering the contest by posing as a Hollywood starlet looking for a leading man (or dog in this case) for her next big film. Kind of an elaborate plan considering she could have just taken a snout to the crotch and been done with it. To mask Rot's identity from Herman, RD intervenes by generously donating a Little Bo Peep costume to the cause.

rotty had a widdle wamb

Rot performs at the tail end of the show, and after receiving the most applause is cast downward through a trap door and tossed in the back of the dog-catcher truck. Herman speeds off but soon discovers that he's caught his own dog, identified by a whiff of his putrid breath. Cats love to shit in the sand, so it seems Rot may have been partaking of some cat droppings at the beach. I think somebody needs some Orbit gum.


We end with a hearty fist-shaking as the Dweeb-filled Cadillac heads for home. While the episode is pretty basic in plot, I feel that it serves dutifully in expressing the general aire of the show. Though Rude Dog may be surrounded by Dweebs, he's always warmhearted enough to come through for them, despite their shortcomings in coolness. Perhaps Dweeb is a Rude Dog's best friend.



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