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While the Ninja Turtles were mainly known for kicking shell and scarfing pizza, you can't underestimate the draw of Miss April O'Neil and her influence in bringing repeat watchers. Let's face it -- we all knew the turtles were hot for April. Even in that baggy yellow jumpsuit she still couldn't hide her supple rack. We were all at the edge of our seats hoping for some wild mutant-on-human-female erotica to be going down, even if we had no clue as to how the technicalities of such would work. I'm sure there's many fanfics on the 'net that will go into great detail about such deviant behavior, but I'm scared to do the Google search.

Here we have one of the first April figures in the most basic form. The packaging has pictures of our heroine that displays her abilities to make sultry poses as she fires off guns and holds interviews. In the interview pose, her boots even magically grew heels to give it an extra sexy little detail. Then we have the April holding her camcorder with her hip cocked and her top open in such a way that gives the impression she's planning something entirely naughty with the camera.


These days chicks have a lot more edge, so I decided that even though April could use a few feminine touches, I'd go for more of that hard Avril Lavigne look. I gothed her up. That means no more yellow jumpsuit -- it was time for a basic black base. I laid the figure spread eagle across an issue of Cosmo and applied two coats of black, right over the pockets, stripes, and all.

After that I went to the little touches of orange and made them a pale pink. I applied a few extras like x's and dots on the pockets and then went for the special details. I gemmed up her belt buckle, gave her two pink star decals on her tits, some black bracelets, a silver necklace with a black charm, black finger tips, and, the piece-de-resistance, black eyeliner. Since the eye makeup was too intricate for a nail polish brush, I drew it in with an extra fine Sharpie.

wheee he he he haw

Then I gave her the raw edge she really needed -- blonde hair with horrible black streaks in it. She's a step above being an emo kid now, so the turtles better hide the sharp objects. Her case I painted to give the appearance of a lunchbox bag as opposed to a suitcase. The base is black glitter polish from Hot Topic and the stripes are neon pink.


All the accessories were painted to match with various shades of pink or given a quick wash of glitter coat. I was considering printing "BITCH" or "FLIRT" across the ass of her pants, but I decided that was more white trash than goth. My only regret is that I don't have a small pink skull and crossbones decal to stick on the front of her case. But I managed to make the necklace out of an old earring, so at least I had a victory in that.

What a story!


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