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When I first wrote about Sweet Secrets in 2006, the most I expected was a few pats on the back and a small increase in value for the old toys. To my shock and surprise, Sweet Secrets were already planning on making a comeback. With the rights to the line passed on to JAKKS Pacific, I knew they had found their way to capable hands. Their division, Play Along®, has done a sublime job with their other licenses such as Care Bears and Cabbage Patch Kids.

Open Locket

The new concept is a merge between the old Sweet Secrets and the new Polly Pocket. While the dolls themselves no longer transform, each set comes with a doll that fits into wearable pieces such as lockets and lipstick. Bigger sets, such as the Pop Star Fashion Purse (SRP $15.99), allow for miniature worlds to unfold.

Names like Dazzle and Shimmer have been replaced with more popular names of the day like Bailey and Mackenzie. The hair is still brushable, but much more styleable this time around. There's even extra little accessories for the doll in case they need a purse or a brush while they're hiding out, waiting for you to come and play.

Pop Star Purse

While they don't have quite the fantasy factor of the old version, they're packed with the glitz and glam that's so prevalent today. With new technology the Sweet Secrets of this generation have something the old ones never dreamed of -- their own website. The website features a play-by-play breakdown of characters and products as well as fun goodies like coloring pages and desktop wallpaper all set to a funky and interactive layout. It adds a whole new dimension to the line.

Portable, pretty, and posh, it's obvious these dolls are in it for the long-haul. Hopefully the second series will bring us some of those old favorites like the animals, usable make-up, and barrette clips. Who knows, maybe they'll upgrade the Beauty Tunes Boombox to a Sweet Secrets MP3 Player!



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