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The most admirable factor of Roundhouse was how excessively campy it was. The show looked like it was filmed in a large garage by a group of liberal arts students. Looking back, it's a true sign of the times as the entire cast looks like they're prepped for a Nirvana concert. Flannel shirts, torn jeans, neon tights, and ugly babydoll dresses galore. I hated babydoll dresses. I remember owning one at some point shortly after Clueless came out as it seemed like a requirement in the 90's, but I don't think I wore it more than twice. I was all about the ripped jeans and Coed Naked shirts. I was a loner, Dottie. A rebel.

the cast

The dance scenes in Roundhouse were mostly extra trips to the bathroom and times to scavenge the fridge for me. Each episode tried to give little life lessons on things like prejudice, lies, and gang violence, but the dancing was more of a commercial buffer zone than anything, serving little purpose to the moral of the show. Although, I'll admit, watching Micki dance in those fabulous thigh-high hooker boots was alluring and mind boggling in all the worst ways.

bad props HOOOO

Episodes centered around the life of the Anyfamily, which had set members for the mom, dad, and grandmom, but the kids changed on a per-show basis. This one, Fears, focuses in on the Backwards Dance at school, and the fear that follows Cathy as she needs to ask a guy to the dance. I guess passing notes that read, "WILL YOU GO TO THE DANCE WITH ME? CHECK YES OR NO," has gone out of style, because Cathy chooses to call a boy out of her league and get rejected instead.

food face

The skits often played along the lines of parodies of commercials and other television shoes. You Make the Call has Mason Magooie with food stuck in his teeth and his friend deciding the best way to clue him in -- announcing it to the whole cafeteria. Cathy's friends are appalled, but Cathy thinks Mason's kinda cute. The girls try to hook her up with the class clown instead but she faces complete and utter rejection. Fed up, she vows she's not going to the dance at all, and we're lead into another spastic dance sequence.

dance of fear

The girls are still dissing on Mason, and Cathy's still too dejected to consider asking anyone to the dance. Seeking advice, she looks to her mother and is nearly snubbed while mom works on making Jell-o. Her mom insists fears are normal, and as a teen she was afraid of monsters under her bed stapling her to the headboard and sucking her eye fluid. One hell of a freaky dance sequence with the entire cast follows.

dadward scissorfeet

If that wasn't scary enough, they present Dadward Scissorfeet. Gross, disturbing, and... yeah that's about it. Gross and disturbing. Dad's chair, however, was a masterful work of art all kids longed for. It was a huge mobile recliner complete with grill, TV, fridge, lights, and if I remember correctly, it even had its own toilet. Oh yeah. This was the creme de la creme of chairs.


Cathy tried to relax in front of the tube, but her little brother Jeff protests that he had possession of the chair first, thereby sending them into Sibling Court. Judge Dad rules, "finders keepers, losers weepers," and Cathy return to the TV only to face a barrage of parodies relating to her not having a date.

Finally she works up the courage to ask Mason to the dance and not only gets a date, but a pretty dress her dad made with his feet. Ew.

Reprise the theme song and roll the credits!


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