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Soon Christmas in July won't just be an amusing quirk -- it will be the unofficial start of the shopping season. With the holidays starting sooner and sooner, it may be common practice to haul out the holly on Halloween in a not too distant future. But, that little taste of the holidays in the summer is a great teaser and even a reminder that you can buy Christmas presents year-round and stash them away to avoid going broke (and batshit crazy) in December.


Christmas in July, like Hawaiian Luau parties in January, are excellent for breaking the monotony of a particularly harsh season. One sadistic summer, everyone's favorite pasta lovin' orange feline did just that. The heat was sweltering, too much for even cats to bear. Instead of napping all day, Garfield decided to show the weather who's boss. His attempt at a refreshing swim failed due to rapid evaporation and he's ready to move to plan B -- think cool.

pic 3

In an fantastic feat of feline fortitude, he unhooks the refrigerator and relocates it in the backyard. The freezer is set to "blizzard" and pours icy flaky goodness onto the grass, and if you think that sounds peculiar, Garfield didn't even bother to purge the fridge of edibles beforehand.


Jon, exhausted from a day of general douchebagery, heads to the fridge for a drink only to double take at its disappearance and and double take again when Garfield emerges from outside sporting a brown parka. After a few moments to piece things together, Jon decides to join in on the "think cool" campaign and looks for ways to make it more wintry. Garfield leads him into the garage where the Christmas decorations are stored.


Jon, Odie, and Garfield deck the halls inside and outside, all to the tune of Jingle Bells played on a preschool xylophone. While they step back to get a full view, some nosey neighbors are scoping them out from across the street. Thinking that Jon is trying to one-up the neighborhood by getting his decorations out before anyone else, the neighbors decide to break out the decorations as well.


The decorating spreads through Jon's block and catches the eye of a city worker who calls city hall to suggest it's time to put Christmas in full force. It snowballs from there, until everyone within city limits is convinced it's time for Santa to make his midnight rounds. Come the next morning Jon, Garfield, and Odie are exchanging presents, probably knowing deep down it's not really Christmas, but not wanting to give up celebrating, anyway.


The TV, which happens to turn itself on JUST at the right time (a classic TV cliche) shoots up a news report informing everyone that after thorough investigation by the mayor's office, it's been decided it's NOT really Christmas. The boys all decide that a little taste of Christmas was fun while it lasted and turn in for the night. While Garfield is sleeping the sound of jingle bells emanates from the roof and wakes him. He informs an off screen character, assumedly Santa, that it was all a mistake and it's really July -- not Christmas.

Thanks for screwing us out of extra presents, Garfield.



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