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The blue baddy from atop Snake Mountain is getting ready for some stylin' and profilin'. I didn't feel right buying a vintage figure to reconstruct in my twisted visage, and I have a disliking for getting loose figures because I forfeit all the gratification of tearing the box apart myself. Instead I picked up one of the 2002 versions from Zern's for $7.50. It even came with a sticker. Not just any sticker, but an awesome sticker. I hope to one day have a spot awesome enough to stick it on, so we'll set it aside for the day I get my dream car -- a custom pink Hearse.

Skeletor in Box

I know there's been a variety of color schemes for Skeletor over the years, swapping all shades of blues and purples. I think I like this later version better than some of the earlier ones because he's more rough and vulgar looking. Frankly, original Skeletor always seemed like a pushover to me. How many times do you have to send your arch nemesis to an alternate dimension/planet to realize that he's always gonna pull some "Magic of Eternia" bullshit to bring himself back? Chuck Norris would have issued Skeletor one good roundhouse kick to the throat and that'd be the end of that. He-Man didn't even try to confine him, he just let Skeletor run all over Eternia like an annoying three-year old on rampage from missing his afternoon nap.

While I'm on my soapbox about Skeletor being allowed to run amuck, it seems to me like He-Man didn't even attempt to stop him from getting away. I'm sure Eternia held some sort of magic sacred crystal in a far off cave that could be used to seal Skeletor inside with the help of a quick "Abra Kadabra" by The Sorceress. Let's face it -- Skeletor just wasn't that much of a threat. He wasn't even evil enough to kick a puppy.


All my Caboodles kits are currently housing about 5,000 tea candles I bought on a super bulk sale, so I keep my nail polish bottles neatly organized in an empty Panini sticker box. I picked up 3 new shades for Skeletor and one little glitter coat. I like using cheap nail polish to keep the cost down -- N.Y.C., petites, Bon Bons, etc. Bon Bons are optimal for detailing work, because they come in very petite 1/8 oz bottles you can get for about 88¢. I don't recommend Wet n Wild, because I've always found their paint to be a little thin and runny.

I watched the entire 10-episode "Best of He-Man" DVD set while I was painting, including the bonus documentaries. I don't usually watch the extras, but I'm glad I did because knowing the connection between Evilseed and Jason Voorhees makes the episode a hell of a lot more interesting. It wasn't too intense of a paint job, there wasn't a lot of intricate details and the top armor even popped off so I could paint all over his chest and back. But, the fumes became a bit much from time to time, leaving me with blurry doubled vision. I had to take quite a few popsicle breaks.

Ventral View

I decided to change the pale blue skin to a pale purple called "Fuzzy Dice." It's got a subtle glitter sheen to it, but it certainly wasn't enough glitter for my tastes. I painted the rust colored parts white and covered that in a clear glitter coat. The darkest parts were covered a pale creamy pink much like the color of a strawberry milkshake. His eyes were changed from a piercing red to a soft and inviting blue. He looks more like Fisher-Price Skeletor now. I even took the liberty of giving him a manicure and pedicure with a deep violet polish. I used that violet again on one side of his sword, painting the other side white, and the whole thing is covered in glitter.

Figure 02

I worked over the course of two days, painting in increments to allow drying time before I worked on the next section. When I got closer to finishing the purple sections, the paint started getting thicker and goopy on the brush, and I had to pour the last bits of paint on and brush it around quickly. The crevices weren't so bad, and I even managed to paint his shoulders and keep most of the articulation so Skeletor can still pitch a mean curve ball.

Total makeover time: 6 hours

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