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Daily encounters with noodles are part of life. Everyone has their own "noodle" that they use to process and dissect other types of noodles. I'm not just talking linguini and fettucini, I'm talking the unsung noodle heros of this world as well as the classics we've all come to love. What's love got to do with it? A lot. Noodles aren't just dinner anymore. There's more to noodles than squiggly shapes waiting to be devoured. In fact, some noodles wouldn't taste pleasing at all. Let me present the following 10 noodles for your consideration.


These are just boring, flat noodles until they're pinched in the center to form bow ties. The most under appreciated and underused pasta form despite their grand resemblance to formal neck fashion accessories. Perhaps they're misunderstood by a nation forcing them into the category of children's cuisine. With a perfect hourglass shape and ruffled edge these pasta pleasures are eager to be smothered in your sauce. Go ahead -- dig in.

pool noodles

In regular, jumbo, and ribbed for her pleasure, pool noodles are a must-have on any aquatic adventure. The chunks of floatable foam have taken on Tinkertoy proportions by supplementing their cylinders with various connectors and adapters. They've wriggled into such high ranks among pool toys, there's special workout videos devised for usage with the pool noodle. No one's ever tightened their buns over vermicelli.

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Never has a noodle caused as much controversy as the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the sole deity to Pastafarians. This creature with his noodly appendages was first brought to light as a satirical response to issues raised by the teaching of creationism in school. He's now immortalized in magnets, toys, t-shirts, jewelry, and even coloring books. According to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the increase in global warming is directly related to the decrease in pirates. Strap on your eye patches and your peg-legs -- for the good of the Earth!


Wheels may not be the premium choice for pasta dishes, but the shape outweighs the fun factor of many of its brethren. Without it, macaroni car sculptures would have to make do with imperfect tires. It may not be as popular as Spongebob Squarepants shaped pasta, but a form like this will always be a champion. They're tires, cogs, ferris wheels, umm.... and other round things.


Macaroni noodles moved into the fast lane when they became one of the top micro-meals in the country. They come in huge frozen bricks by On•Cor or even tiny microwavable mini-meal cups like Kraft Easy Mac. The "and cheese" is the most popular variety of macaroni, but they're also great for almost every pasta dish you can conceive. They're exceptionally versatile, and make their way into chili, casseroles, and soup. Most important of all, they've made their way into our hearts.

Mr. Noodle

The bungling Mr. Noodle is a recurring character on Sesame Street's Elmo's World. He may not be as delicious as Hamburger Helper, but he plays an essential role during Elmo's prime segment. Mr. Noodle proves to children that no matter how absent-minded you may be, if you work hard and follow instruction, you can do anything. Even if you're a mustachioed dolt.

yo yo

These peculiar and sometimes unidentifiable gooey who-know-whats are Yo-Yo Noodle Balls. They're a much squishier version of a stress ball, and despite looking like a plastic octopus on a leash, once you pick one up, you won't be able to put it back down. They stretch, they bounce, they annoy anyone within whipping distance! Best of all, they're commonplace at Dollar Stores around the nation, so you don't need to search hard or spend a lot of money to own one.


Spaghetti is one of the safest bets out there when you're ordering from a restaurant that seems a little sketchy. Unless the cook is pissing in the sauce, spaghetti is reasonably hard to mess up. However, not all s'ghetti is created equal. It can range from painfully bland to a burning fiesta in your mouth. As if it wasn't easy enough to make, you can even buy microwaveable bowls or it, or kits detailing the fine intricate art of spaghetti creation.

Gorillaz Noodle

Noodle is the Japanese guitarist for the band Gorillaz. She's regarded as being exceedingly cuter than noodles of the flour and water persuasion. Like many great noodles, she came to us from Japan, but unlike most noodles, she's been secretly trained by the government as a killing machine. She also likes Pokemon!

Cup Noodles

Nissin Cup Noodles. With just a quarter, you can have a portable lunch that requires nothing more than some hot water. I fill mine directly from the tap, because if I boil water or microwave it, I'm just going to wait for it to cool down anyway. This sloppy noodly meal is a staple of at-home dining for college students, bachelors, poor folk, and people that just plain don't want to cook. You may have your preference of a certain brand, but Nissan is the OG -- the first to produce instant ramen noodles. Out of the 15 flavors the most popular are Chicken, Beef, and Shrimp, but if you're feeling venturous there's Spicy Cheese just waiting for you to heat it and eat it.


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