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Everyone has small memories of silly little products from their childhood that are only precious to them and a handful of sporadic people in the nation. It could be something strange that was carried at your local dollar store, or even something made by the millions that dropped off the face of the planet like My Pretty Mermaids. Regardless, questioning your friends about such items will invoke expressions so quizzical that you might as well tell them you sprout tentacles on a full moon.
When I was a young girl, I had a plentiful supply of Tinkerbell beauty products. She was a non-Disney Tink that adorned each product with a look of, "Peter Pan who?" With a perfect grasp on daintiness, her figure appeared on a chasm full of merchandise.
1985 logo

Tinkerbell had her own defined scent. It was used in her popular perfume, powders, and lotions that sold in various stores throughout the US and UK. Though no longer available, many questions are raised on message boards as to where the perfume can be purchased.

Woman's Day Magazine 10/26/82

The most prominent Tinkerbell product was the Brush-On Peel-Off nail polish. Very few girls made it past an hour with the nail polish still in tact. Sure, you didn't need chemical remover to take it off, but there would be little pink paint chip trails all over the house. Regardless, it was a hot item that promoted all the fun of peeling paint.

It wasn't all cosmetics, though. The line included make-up, brushes, combs, slippers, powder, soaps, jewelry boxes, magic wands, stationary, sunglasses, wallets, umbrellas, barrettes, and just about anything a young girl would need. Surprisingly, Tinkerbell has been around since 1952, but the sales reached their peak in 1988. Since then, a steady decline occurred and by 1999 Tinkerbell sales were nearly a tenth of what they were a decade prior. The company was sold to New Dana in 2000 which launched "New Tinkerbell."

Around this time Disney decided to launch a full force cosmetics line with Disney's Tinker Bell, causing New Dana to slap them with a lawsuit. The courts sided with Disney, partially due to the fact that the original Tinkerbell products had been administered to Disney in previous years for sale in some of their resort locations. Ultimately, Tinkerbell products have become scarce, though I was able to obtain a few relics for review.

new stuff

The above shots are three products from the newer line. I believe they were produced around 2001 and although some of it was forming slime and the glitter bits were all dried up, I couldn't help but open the packages and try them out.


The container of roll-on glitter was down to dried glitter stuck to the side of the tube. The lip gloss? Ugh. It reminded me of the way butter looks when you let it sit out for a week straight. The stampers seemed just like normal stampers, doubtfully specially formulated for skin. The patterns included a lighting bolt, a flower, lips, a star, etc. Also included were gems that stuck surprisingly well for their age, even over the slabs of greasy glitter on my face. The glitter didn't photograph very well and left me thinking I should have used it to spike my hair instead.

Regardless of the ups and downs, Tinkerbell was a perfect product line for little girls. The old fans of the line might need a jab to spark their memories of the brand, but assuredly all the reflections will be pleasant ones.

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