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Welcome to Pooh Corner wasn't the only anthropomorphic Disney Channel show to have its own Christmas Special. Adventures in Wonderland, the live action series based on the books my Lewis Carrol, had one as well. Having Christmas in Wonderland leaves a lot of artistic license ready for the taking. Since things in Wonderland are typically backwards, you may imagine that their Christmas is filled with strange traditions like digging holes in your basement to bury livestock or drinking mugs of steaming hot lead. What Disney develops is far less macabre than my twisted imagination, but the guy in the caterpillar costume has scary to spare.

it's so very wonderful in wonderland

Miss Alice is delivers her Christmas cards to the residents of Wonderland. They're discussing the differences between real world and Wonderland holiday traditions. The real world has one very big magical advantage over the traditions of wonderland, and that advantage is a little something called snow. As far as everyone knows, it's never snowed in Wonderland.


The Queen of Hearts is very dis-heartened (get it -- ha ha ha!) that Alice's traditions are so cool, and her's are lame in comparison. The White Rabbit scurries his skates around trying to accommodate the Queen's desires, but what she desires most is that which would cause a miracle to obtain -- snow. She relays to Rabbit a tale from her princess days. Her parents went to a far off land where it always snowed for Christmas. She had the most wonderful time playing in the snow, but alas, her parents did not. That was the last time she'd ever seen snow.


Not knowing where else to turn on the snow sitch, Rabbit visits the Caterpillar. The Caterpillar tells him a story about a squirrel who wished with every last breath of his soul for the gift of snow and received it. Rabbit doesn't feel any better, and calls a secret Wonderland meeting to discuss ways to make it snow.


The purple clad, FAB-ulous, and jovial Mad Hatter has constructed a plan he claims will make it snow. He unveils his snow machine, which isn't so much a snow machine as it is a Sno-Cone cannon. After getting pelted in the face with frosty lime slush, the cast decides to have one of the Tweedles fly to the North Pole to collect snow and bring it back to Wonderland. Unfortunately, they didn't account for the melting factor, and only manage to drench the Queen with a bucket of water.


The Queen is utterly pissed, and retires to her throne to wrap herself in towels and sulk. At the prime moment, the Cheshire Cat pops in, sarcastically commenting how ridiculous her subjects were for going to such great lengths to get snow for her. Feeling humbled and embarrassed, the Queen perks up and goes outside to celebrate Christmas with her friends.


As they're all singing and remembering that Christmas is about friends and family, the sky opens up and dumps all over them. It's a white Christmas in Wonderland! Contented, Alice goes back through the mirror and home to her cat, Dina. Alice has finally learned that Christmas isn't about presents and skis, but about creating your own miracles with your friends.






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