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suck you

Every other chocolate shop I've walked into this season has been sporting the black and orange like team colors. There's been pumpkin pie flavored fudge, chocolate witches, and candy coated ghosts. I went into a local Godiva shop anticipating the same, only on a greater and more refined scale. I was extremely disappointed.


Their Halloween treats were nothing worth writing about, exept to emphasize just how badly it sucked. There was a small, barely anything display with a few overpriced spooky boxes of candy. They bundled up a few squares of chocolate with black ribbon and called it a "treat bag." I call it crap. Not a single piece of chocolate was shaped as a Halloween icon by any stretch of the imagination. It was the same truffles and cordials you'd find in any box of Godiva chocolates. There were some puppy plushies with masks carrying chocolates, but that's about as festive as they got.


I plopped down $20 for this box of chocolates. Note that I was at the Godiva outlet, and that this was actually marked down from $24. The box is cute enough, but in no way worth $20. They might as well just shove a chocolate stake through my heart. Starfish? STARFISH? Apparently Godiva thinks their shit is too good to make starfish into spiders for Fall. Considering candy is synonomous with Halloween, they get an F for effort. F F F F F-U!

This warrants a very angry letter.



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