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Seeing as Eureeka's Castle was created by award-winning horror writer, R.L. Stine, it's only fitting that the show would have a pretty impressive Halloween episode. They managed to put together a Halloween feature that was perfect in every way. It wasn't too scary for the little kids, but it was terror-laden without losing any of that colorful delight we came to expect from Eureeka's Castle.


The sun is setting on the castle, and Eureeka is tucking everyone in with a nice bedtime story about animals named Fluffy. The squishiness is soon disbanded as Batly comes crashing in to relay the tale of a monster movie he just saw. With the flick of a flashlight the entourage becomes a wide-eyed chorus to Batly's musical ditty.

Batly proceeds to panic them with a fantastic monster song while they each picture beastly creatures in their mind. This tale has the most adverse effect on Magellan. He manages to calm himself into a disbelief in monsters, only to turn around and find....


.... a monster! He screams and runs, but much like Shatner in Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, the monster is gone before it can be pointed out to anyone else. Eureeka insists it's just his imagination running wild from the monster story, and sends him off to bed.

Magellan cozies up in his nice, warm bed, and begins to relax only to discover something hopping around under his covers. It wiggles and writhes about, causing Magellan to leap to his feet and discover the source of his fright.



Oh wait, I'm sorry -- I meant Cooey. I got confused because they have the same haircut. My bad.


This episode has the best songs in it ever. The Moat Twins are singing about their plans to dress up like monsters and scare Magellan They have ample amounts of garbage around their cave, and stick just about everything to their fur. It looks like they had a head-on collision with a cheap joke shop. The song hits its climax just as Bog and Quagmire turn to find that the real monster is standing right behind them.


Magellan decided the best way to get rid of the monster is to set a trap for it. Unknowingly, he traps The Moat Twins in their monster costumes instead. The commotion causes everyone in the castle to arise and see what all the fuss is about.


Mr. Knack supplies a song with the solution -- Chill Out! A great idea, in theory, but I think I have a better one.



Gellin' like a felon.


Shortly after the song the monster makes another appearance and a fantastic chase-scene ensues. The monster runs amuck everywhere throughout the castle, short of the land of little clay slugs. His slimy frog legs extend to bring him to the height of Magellan, and he towers eerily over the inhabitants of the castle.


Now that everyone is in agreement that there really is a monster, it's time to do something about it! Magellan descends upon him with a stern, "What do you want?" The monster brandishes his pointy fangs, snarls, and reveals that what he really wants is to hear the rest of the story about animals named Fluffy.


They all cuddle up in bed together to finish the story. The monster is a big fan of the animals named Fluffy series because his name is Fluffy as well! A perfectly peculiar and wonderful ending for the Halloween special. Sure, it wasn't a ghastly and disturbing ending, but it was completely fitting. Even now, I find it a perfect Halloween piece. It Came From Beneath the Bed was worthy of it's own video release, but I'm sad to say that never happened.

But, I'm not saying that if you have BitTorrent, you can download it right here, because we all know that would be wrong. Very, very, wrong.





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