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There's a lot of Wonderful World of Disney movies that have been all but lost in time. A very small amount ever made it to VHS, and Disney seems to be making no effort to push them any further. I'm sure it's more profitable for them to release a fast and poorly animated sequel to The Aristocats than it is to make anthologies of their pre-existing features. After all, movies like Ask Max don't have cute and marketable sidekicks they can sell in plush form at The Disney Store.

This series of Disney made-for-TV features went by many names -- The Disney Sunday Movie, The Magical World of Disney, Disney's Wonderful World, etc. They all began with Michael Eisner, head of Disney, presenting the audience their latest featurette. Usually a few of the Disney character favs like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Pluto, would help out with the intro.

Justin Case appeared during The Disney Sunday Movie on NBC in 1988. Disney was hocking the use of "special effects" during the introduction, and warned the kiddies that there's no such things as ghosts. The special effects weren't anything even remotely terrifying. I'd say they were vaguely haunting at best, but it's Disney, so we'll cut them a little slack.

The story follows around an aspiring singer/actress named Jennifer. She's sick, she's out of work, and her landlord is going to throw her out if she doesn't pay her rent by the end of the day. Jennifer is sniffing glue and wiping her runny nose as she anxiously awaits her turn in audition. Unfortunately she faints before she can even stretch her spandex and gets rushed to the hospital.

It turns out she was just having blood sugar issues and needed to eat. Lucky for her, some very nice and good-looking paramedic named David comes to her aid. After taking her to the hospital he brings her a balloon, fixes her hospital bill, offers her to stay with him, and reclaims all the stuff that was seized from her apartment. Michael Eisner really should have modified his speech in the beginning. I believe more in ghosts than I do in really nice, attractive, available men. Especially ones that don't have ulterior motives.

Jennifer moves in with this paramedic dude that bends over backwards for her and doesn't so much as ask for rent in return. He must be pretty lonesome, and since they didn't have MySpace back in 1988, you actually had to leave the house to find a date. Jennifer will have no part in a guy that wants to cater to her, and makes no haste at finding a job. Throwing that actress/singer dream out the window, she calls about a job as a secretary at the Case Detective Agency.

Unfortunately for Jennifer, she arrives on time to find her potential employer dead. She backs slowly out the door only to be startled by the ghost of Justin Case. Hey, I'd be scared shitless too if I saw George Carlin as a dead dick. He tries to talk things over outloud, debating whether he is or is not, in fact, a ghost. He tries to settle down with a drink, but finds that as a apparition he can't taste it and instead just pees it out his feet.


The police come down to interrogate Jennifer and play the part of the standard bumbling detectives that don't really know what they're doing. All that can be established is that she came in for a job and passed a person they refer to as "The Lady in Black," on the way in. Instead of looking for this person or doing any real detective work, they find it best to stand around getting kicked in the ass by a ghost.

Back at the apartment we get to explore the wonderful movie mistakes this film has to offer. First we see Justin eating a carrot, then Jennifer grabbing it so it doesn't appear that the carrot is floating in mid-air. But there's moments throughout the entire movie that Justin is standing in the background eating, smoking, and drinking, and no one seems to notice. What about the little chewed up bits of food in his stomach? Can't they see that?

Jennifer is trying to convince David that she's not crazy and talking to herself, but it's not going so well. She sends David out to grab a pizza and while he's gone, a package is delivered to his apartment. His neighbor, Mr. Wannamaker, holds the package for him until he returns.

In a disturbing twist the package is picked open by his oversized pet parrot and thus sets off the bomb that was enclosed. No one dies, short of the bird, but everyone is rushed to the hospital. In a semi-unconcious state, David sees Jennifer and Mr. Wannamaker floating (being carried by Justin), but still protests his disbelief in ghosts.

While David and Mr. Wannamaker are playing room buddies in the hospital, Mr. Wannamaker tries to convince him of the presence of ghosts by channeling his Hawaiian spirit guide. Unfortunately, the channels are crossed with the wires of his recently departed bird, causing him to squawk and beg for crackers in the middle of his Tiki Talk.


With the help of Justin, Jennifer manages to sweet talk her way out of getting locked up. Now that she's avoided jail the obvious next step is grand theft auto and breaking and entering. She grabs Justin's car and breaks into his office to search for clues.


Someone beat them to the chase. There's a man snooping around the office that nearly shits himself over being suspended in mid-air and handcuffed at the same time. He was sent by a man named Slinker that Justin was watching per his wife. It seems Justin found out he was in to more than adultery, but wasn't entirely certain what. What was clear, is that Justin's old receptionist might be in danger.

They busted into her house only to find a trap by the police. Justin's secretary was already dead, and the cops take Jen in for questioning. They were almost back to square one, but with a little ghostly assistance Jennifer was free to hunt down Slinker and solve the mystery to connect Slinker to the Lady in Black. Meanwhile, David and Mr. Wannamaker are still in the hospital with their thumbs up their asses. While Wannamaker is channel his spirit guide, he chirps out a distress call claiming Justin and Jennifer are in trouble.


The Lady in Black is just about to off Slinker when Justin busts in with some invisible trickery. Jennifer is threatening to blow off kneecaps and pistol whip some bitches when the cops roll in claiming they got an anonymous tip from a guy that sounded like a parrot.

The cops sit smugly as Jennifer has to relay the entire tale of the twists and turns involved with the case. Justin does a few extra invisible ass-kickings and the case is closed. Instead of doing the typical ghost thing and descending into heaven, Justin stays put on earth for pretty much eternity. But, he decides to be a good guy and let Jennifer inherit all his worldly possessions.

Though I'm sure he'll still make himself invisible and peek in at her in the shower. See? Guys always have ulterior motives.

All's well that ends well. After watching this movie for the first time in over 10 years, I must have forgotten just how intensely boring it is. I guess there's a reason why it never made it into DVD circulation. The most meritable reason for ever watching this is that it has George Carlin. Though if you want to watch things purely for George Carlin, you might as well tune into Shining Town Station.

I give this movie 2 out of 5 ghosts.






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