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The Powerpuff girls may have hit it big in the US over a decade ago, but now they're big in Japan! In July of 2006 Toei Animation in correlation with Cartoon Network released Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z, the Powerpuff girls anime.

The announcement came on April 1, 2005, leading thousands of fans to brush it off as another internet April Fool's joke. The Powerpuff Girls anime is all too real and features higher-detailed and longer-legged Powerpuffs than before. It's been the wet dream of many anime fans for nearly a decade.

Unlike Dragonball and Dragonball Z, Powerpuff Girls Z does not pick up where Powerpuff Girls left off. It's a spin-off and an entirely different saga completely. Don't get your knickers in a knot -- all your favorite characters are still there. Things are just a little more detailed and a lot more zany than before.

prof and son

In Powerpuff Girls Z the girls are born as ordinary girls as opposed to being created in a laboratory. Due to a mishap in the lab Chemical X is transformed into Chemical Z by the addition of a rice cake. Professor Utonium's over-excited son, Ken, blasts an evil weather-altering glacier with Chemical Z and seemingly saves the Earth. The reaction causes jets of Chemical Z to go flying across the sky. The white light streams encounter and interact with 3 middle school students, turning them into magical girls.


Some of the chemical also lands on Peach, a digital pet turned into heroine sidekick. Peach was also responsible for the dumping of the rice cake into the entire batch of Chemical X.


All the baddies remain the same, but in much more impressive forms. The first stream of black light from Chemical Z finds it's way into the Zoo, where a monkey is transformed into the evil Mojo Jojo. He looks less like a Sanrio character from hell and more like an impressive adversary. It sets the perfect scene for some hardcore Mecha Mojo.


All the baddies get their days, but due to Mojo's popularity, he's the first to hit the scene in Japan. We're starting to see a much darker tone than before, and I'm rather enjoying the added depth to the series.


The Mayor of Townsville still reigns over the town with the help of his pointy-breasted assistant, Miss Belum. This new Mayor isn't quite so bumbling and moronic as before and leans more towards the childish side. He also looks a lot less like rich Uncle Pennybags.


The series isn't as vibrantly girly as say, Wedding Peach or Saint Tail, but it packs a punch for magical girl anime! The new costume designs are terrific, and I'm looking forward to all the adaptations that will be filling the hallways of anime and comic book cons to come. I'm betting on seeing the series state-side in the future.

I give it 4 out of 5 Hello Kitty Lucky Cats.





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