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For years I've been hunting for traces of a long lost popsicle favorite of mine. No matter how many brands of creamsicles I tried, none could ever come close to the sweet flavor I remembered from the Disney cream-filled ice pops. I longed to run my lips against the curves of a grape flavored Donald Duck, and found myself giving up eating creamsicles all together in grief and disappointment.

The Mickey face pops still exist in theme parks, but they never looked the way I remembered them. I always chalked it up to cloudy childhood memories, yet the thoughts of chocolate covered ears and simple ice cream smiles on a stick seemed so right. I felt like the Beast, doubting I'd ever find my Beauty.

Then one day a ray of hope came in the form of one of my favorite collectibles ever -- stickers. I found a set of promotional stickers from the whole Disney ice cream line. The lady selling them to me informed me that Good Humor lost the rights to the delicious Disney frozen treats and they haven't been produced since. The new Mickey face ice cream bars are now only produced by Nestle, and it'll cost you a trip to Disneyland to get one.

Just seeing a picture of the old Mickey Mouse bar is like being reunited with a lost friend. It didn't have a gumball nose or bright colors, but even the leftover melted goo left on my fingers after eating one tasted like a kiss from a unicorn. I remember them as being gigantic, as if no man-made stick could hold the might of the dairy delight that is the Mickey Mouse Bar. By the time I was done nibbling off the ears his chin was already dripping down my hand. I don't think any form of Mickey Mouse could ever make me as excited as his head made of ice cream.

Fudge Bar


They Rescue Rangers fudge bars short lived and short sticked. The ice cream was all chocolate, topped with a delightful candy nose. Rescue Rangers was the only cartoon from the Disney Afternoon to feature their own ice cream novelty. Only Chip and Dale were molded, and a lot was missed out on this marketing gimmick. I would have screamed my lungs out to make my mother buy me an ice cream bar with berry blue Gadget goggles.

This sandwich was a double treat. Cookies 'n cream ice cream wedged between two cookies! There's no sandwich better than the ice cream sandwich. It not only had extra cookie crumbles, but the cookie rounds had Mickey embossed onto the front. I personally like to disassemble my ice cream sandwiches by taking one side off, eating the middle, and then eating the cookies together.

You can't imagine the nostalgic rush I had seeing these things again. Those fruity shapes were packed with such powerful flavor you'd be tasting it for the rest of the week. There was something magical about opening up the wrapper and finding a cheerful cherry Mickey inside waiting for you to lick his face off. The detail on them was great, as though they'd been hand crafted by the world's best ice sculptors. No frozen juice treat will ever come as close to my heart as these. This was truly art in popsicle form.

The ice cream novelties of today will never come close to the boxed treasures Good Humor made for Disney. Though they still have some tasty treats, none are in the shape of fun characters. Occasionally you may find one with a movie promo and a different colored dye, but nothing like the savory sweets from long ago. At least looking at the happy chocolate face of Mickey can still make me smile.

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