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Christmas Grab Bag

I got some Christmas stuff. None of it is particularly amazing stuff. We're not really talking stocking stuffers. Just stuff. Stuff that has one thing in common -- it's Christmas stuff. Thus I will begin to pound away at my keyboard over the joy of useless material goods.

Brach's Christmas NougatMmmmm.... Brach's Christmas Nougat. This has been a long-time favorite Christmas candy of mine. From the way the crinkly cellophane clings to the sticky candy, to that creamy minty goo that resides within. What is nougat exactly? I don't know, but it's some sort of delicious candy fluff. Decorations of red dashes and green Christmas trees makes it extra festive. Now they also come in Halloween and Valentine's varieties, but none shall have the place in my heart filled with the colorful Christmas nougat.


This is the most fantastic pen I've ever used. I've tested out ones that shoot Nerf darts, play Tetris, and flash various colors.

I need a better digital camera.

This puppy tops them all. It's a 5-in-1 pen. The five features are as follows:

• Pen
• Polystone figure top
• Bubble Blower wand
• Stamper
• Light-up center

Not just a regular bubble wand. A double bubble wand. Double your pleasure, double your fun. The only thing that could make this cooler would be a little button on the side that plays Jingle Bells when you press it.

TreeMagical Growing Christmas Trees. They're very.... umm... well they're pretty fun for a couple minutes. Put two pieces of cardboard together, dump some solution on them, and go to bed. When you wake up, it has magically transformed into a little crystallized Christmas tree. Just don't touch it or breath heavily on it because it crumbles like a dandelion puff weed. You can't really decorate the tree. I mean, if you had a steady hand and some sharpies maybe you could do a color job on it.

Now, say you're making your Magic Christmas Christmas tree and OOPS! You dumped the solution everywhere. Only Bounty can clean up that mess, right? But can it clean it up Seasonal Style?


You better believe it.

PeanutsThis isn't just any holiday print. This is a Peanuts holiday print. Look at how excited Snoopy is! Is it just me or does this sheet look like Linus is is trying to boot Snoopy in the nose?
I didn't even notice I had this roll until I was washing my hands after making a sandwich. It was the only holiday print at the grocery store, but with the wrapper over it, all I saw was the themed border. Imagine my surprise when I realized I was wiping bacon grease all over Charlie Brown. It's things like Christmas print disposables that make the holidays a little more festive.


So now you've been eating candies, making trees, and you've got freaking pen ink all over you. You need to wash. What does Dr. Mystie prescribe?

Santa poooof

Santa Poof. Finally, I can get revenge on Santa for never getting me that dress-up set I always wanted by rubbing him all up in my junk. Now there's an effigy for ya. Just like the baths I took as a kid - bubbles, lots of toys, sacrificial drowning... ah, memories.


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