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Christmas At Eureeka's Castle

Christmas Time!

Eureeka's Castle was Nickelodeon's reincarnation of Pinwheel. Plus and Minus became Bog and Quagmire, who had the same lust for playing tag and eating peanut butter sandwiches. Luigi's vegetable cart was replaced with Knack's knick-knacks. The caretaker, Orelia, became a colorful magician named Eureeka. Even the clay slugs came along for the ride. The best part of this new puppet show was there was actually merchandise! Videos, puppets from Pizza Hut, and even a few odds and ends like stickers. But atop of all that was the Christmas Special.

Lots of shows have Christmas specials, but as a I child I don't remember any of them being as hyped up as the Eureeka Castle Christmas. Nickelodeon presented it as some super special celebration, casting it far off from the normal Nick Jr time slot and reeling it over to prime time. There was something so exhilarating about watching Eureeka after the sun went down. The ads for it were playing every commercial break lest we forget about it after watching 12 minutes of Double Dare.

Christmas Tea

The story begins as Batly, the clumsy and vain blue bat, is getting everyone ready for the big Christmas show. The scent of Christmas is being masked with frustration. Eureeka has been magicing her heart out trying to make a Christmas Tree, only to fall short with Christmas Tea. Magellan tries to replace the tree with his decorated tail, only to wind up crashing the entire stage. Magellan is cast out of the play and to make matters work, Mr Knack is hopping around in an Easter Bunny costume.

Christmas Bunny

I don't know what it is about this episode that makes it feel so different from the rest of the show. Could just be the spirit of the season. Maybe the lighting was different. Something about it is just better.

Feeling left out, Magellan heads into the forest with Cooie, his retarded pet Furby, to prove his worth by finding a Christmas Tree. This task proves quite difficult as Magellan is searching for one that is pre-lit. This time he was lucky enough to not get into too much trouble. From my understanding, one day after the show was cancelled, he went out into the forest and was eaten by a Bear in a Big Blue House.

Sad Gelly

Batly Bat Bat Bat Bat

Back at the castle Batly is rehearsing with his pet spider, Webster. Jingle bells never sounded so sweet. I believe this part of the show was even edited into a Nickelodeon Merry Christmas commercial. Bog and Quagmire are spinning around in circles and getting lost in their own enormous Wish Lists. Popcorn is mysteriously being tossed about from the floor. But where is Magellan?

One of the rodents informs the gang that Magellan left several hours ago to find a Christmas tree. Batly quickly feels the guilt of calling-out Gelly for the oaf he is and goes out into the woods to find him. Course we all know Batly is blind as a bat, and after finding Magellan, neither can figure the way out.


Before long the rest of the crew gathers in the woods. They're cold, tired, and hungry but are filled with joy at the Christmas spirit of togetherness. Awwwwww. Magellan has found the perfect Christmas tree and Eureeka magics up the finishing touches. Finally the true meaning of Christmas is wrapped up with the final music number of the show. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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