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Gummies were first invented in the 1920s but were not produced in America until 1982. Originally, we just had the traditional Gummi Bears and Worms. Now we have gummies in every color, flavor, and shape possible. Even popular characters and icons.

Gummy Zone makes some of the weird gummies. Food items for starters. But also weird, gross stuff like rats and pigs.

Gummy tastic!

Mmm... gummy: the MULTI-COLORED meat! Hamburgers are delicious, but gummy burgers are twice as nice. They even have gummy pickles, gummy buns, gummy condiments. All condensed into a gummy mouthful.

Gummy fangs

Speaking of mouths, there's also gummy fang mouths. Complete with gooey bloody point teeth. You can't wear them like you can wax fangs, but they taste about 500x better. They have that nice creamy-type gummy flavor on this one. Kinda strawberry like.

Get in the Zone! Gummy Zone!

Gummi rats. Just goes to show you how far gummies have come over the years. The great thing about Gummy Rats is that they taste exactly the same as the fangs, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and all the other gummy candies. But this one is up higher on the gross-out scale.

And how does one wash down all this gummy-goodness, you ask?

Bouncing Here and there and everywhere!

Why with Gummi Berry Juice, of course!

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