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Spooky Fun Fruit

Sunkist used to make a great fruit snack called Fun Fruit. It was one of the most popular fruit snacks despite not being shaped like Ninja Turtles or Fraggles. It just had a rich fruit flavor and a really good consistency. It wasn't too clear and rubbery like some of those cheap fruit snacks. Fun Fruit was a king of fruit snacks, and grew directly off the trees in the Fun Fruit Farm.

The Fun Fruit Farm is located just before the Forest of No Return. That's why it's so spooky, the good trees are constantly being tormented by the evil trees from Babes in Toyland. They even sent over skeletons and aliens to mess with them.

It scared the hell out of the fruit poachers always wandering into the farm. This kid looks like he's about ready to fertilize the soil. But, they soon found out they had something in common.

They all loved to eat the free Fun Fruit! The trees in the forest were so scared, they shook off all the fruit from their limbs. The aliens, skeletons, and kids all had a great fruit feast. Sadly, the trees had been spooked so badly they could never produce Fun Fruit again and THAT is why it's no longer available.






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