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1½ Hours of Guaranteed Fun and Acid Free Excitement!

9/15/13 - 1,200 Mini Stickers

Back to school. A time to say good-bye to Mr. Tastee, beat up the ocean, and get as much school booty as your parents can afford. After all, who would sit with the kid packing lunch in a plain brown bag over a kid with a brand new Ninja Turtles insulated lunch bag with mini drink bottle? Only the school rejects, which I assure you, I would know nothing of! Har har har!

After the wee bitty bits have gone back to school, there is one other tradition, of course... THE BACK TO SCHOOL CLEARANCE SALES!!! The shelf space is soon needed for candy corn, squishy eyeballs and singing dancing goblins. All leftovers MUST GO! And I was lucky enough to happen upon a nights worth of fun for a mere quarter. 1,200 mini stickers. What exactly will one do with that many stickers? Simple. What I've always wanted to do with stickers since I was a wee bitty bit in school..... cover myself with them.

It seemed an easy enough task, sure. But after a while I realized this was going to occupy most of my night. And I hadn't even eaten my pudding cup yet. I started with randomly putting a few on at first, but this method was soon proven faulty. Before I began on the agonizing task of seeing how many stickers it would take to cover my entire face, I popped in my recently acquired DVD of Adventures in Babysitting. Because if I ever broke my VHS copy, I wouldn't have been able to watch it for the 15,895 time. Right about when Christy was picking up Brenda from the horrific night full of dirty city folk, I was just putting on the last few stickers. And here we have the results....

It took a grand total of 448 stickers to coat my entire face.

Thank God they were acid free, but I still could barely move my face to even smile in the pictures!






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