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  Hello Kitty Fortune Cookie MakerHello Kitty Fortune Cookie Maker
11/27/10 - Sanrio's kit for making pink and yellow fortune cookies that oddly resemble Play-Doh.
Nestle MagicNestle Magic
4/14/09 - A discontinued chocolate/toy hybrid is finally tributed in this sordid tale of late 90's chocolateering.
EggcellentMystie's Egg-Cellent Adventure
4/7/09 - A review of 7 various chocolate creme eggs made available during the Easter season.
mlp adventMerry Christmas from Ponyville
12/01/08 - Counting down 25 days of Christmas with the toys and surprises in the My Little Pony Advent calendar.
Pink GamesGame on, Girl!
06/12/08 - Three gloriously girl-ified games have been revamped by Hasbro exclusively for sale at Toys "R" Us.
The ThingAction Figure Makeover: The Thing
06/03/08 - Once again it's clobbering time as we take on the rough exterior of The Thing from The Fantastic Four.
Mystie Takes ManhattanMystie Takes Manhattan
4/22/08 - Recapping a 3 day stay in New York including one day spent at the NYC Comic Convention.
Kid CuisineKung Fu Panda Kid Cuisine
4/13/08 - Three trays of deliciousness and panda shaped delights. This tie-in TV dinner delivers!
Rude DogRude Dog and the Dweebs
4/12/08 - An obscure Saturday morning 80s cartoon about a righteous dog and the Dweebs that love him.
Shrinky DinksBarbie 'n Friends Shrinky Dinks
3/25/08 - Barbie gets colored and crunch along with some fun new friends from select 80's TV shows.
Action Figure Makeover: April O'NeilAction Figure Makeover: April O'Neil
2/10/08 - Our favorite heroine from TMNT gets turned into a punk rock princess in this twisted flip.
Sweet Secrets RebornSweet Secrets Reborn
10/02/07 - The classic girls toy line from the 80s and 90's has been brought back into a fresh new era.
SnickiversarySnick --The Anniversary
9/23/07 - The four-part Saturday Night Nickelodeon rundown. Pull up the big orange couch and enjoy.

Garfield Christmas in JulyGarfield Christmas in July
7/13/07 - A classic Garfield And Friends episode where that crazy orange feline tries for a 2nd helping of Xmas.

Mystie Does New York CityMystie Does New York City
6/30/07 - Enjoy your cut of the excitement of my day gallivanting around Times Square.
Mystie Goes to the CarnivalMystie Goes to the Carnival
6/22/07 - An afternoon of games, rides, sideshows, and pastries as Mystie enjoys the Apple Dumpling Festival.
SkeletorAction Figure Makeover: Skeletor
6/17/07 - Giving a whole new look to a classic villain, shining and beautifying those old bones.
Boglins Snickers ConspiracyThe Boglins Snickers Conspiracy
6/11/07 - Chocolate covered mountain tops and waterfalls of creepily cute creatures from a mini monster era.
Li'l Miss 'n MeLi'l Miss 'n Me
6/02/07 - Dolls from the late-eighties early nineties so amazing it was like they were cut from the same mold!
My Pretty MermaidsMy Pretty Mermaids
5/28/07 - At the end of a rainbow and underneath the water, you'll find these beautiful sea creatures.
Bella SaraThe World of Bella Sara
5/10/07 - A CCG determined to knock down barriers by promoting positive values to girls through horses.
E.T.E.T. For Atari 2600
4/22/07 - A cute little pixelated alien who is often considered a major explosive factor in the video game crash of 1983.
My Little Pony Beauty Shop
My Little Pony Beauty Shop

4/21/07 - Curly Locks gets whisked away to tame those crazy poofs she has for hair.
Out of ControlIt's Out of Control
4/15/07 - An episode review of a classic Nickelodeon live action show starring Dave Coulier pre-Full House.
3/28/07 - McDonald's had produced a line of TMNT Happy Meal toys.. Sadly, no pizza meal available.
Mystie Goes to the Pet ExpoMystie Goes to the Pet Expo
3/26/07 - An afternoon spent petting doggies, trying to get chickens to pose, and talking to the My Little Ponies.
Rockin' With RoseanneRockin' With Roseanne
3/23/07 - A quick and dirty look into Roseanne Barr's total 180 -- a musical children's video. No monsters allowed.
Peeps2007 Peepdown to Easter
Counting down to the big day with reviews of some of the greatest marshmallow Peeps merchandise.
NoodlesThe Top 10 Noodles
3/03/07 - As a tribute to National Noodle Month, here's a presentation of the top 10 noodles.
3/01/07 - Not all pets in Mr. Bungles pet shop are wanted. The cats have to disguise themselves to find a home.
Comic ConComic Con For a Day
2/25/07 - Mystie hops a bus east to New York City Comic Con to present what it's like for the average con participant.
Batman CerealsBatman Cereals Collide!
2/17/07 - The sun rises over a ravenous Gotham City. Citizens wake, hungry, and grab for a Batman Breakfast..
VaderAction Figure Makeover: Darth Vader
2/03/07 - Not so long ago in a galaxy far far awry, Darth Vader figures are given fuzzy little bunny pom pom tails.
Optimus PrimeAction Figure Makeover: Optimus Prime
1/12/07 - A classic cartoon icon gets a crazy girlish makeover.
TinkerbellTinkerbell Cosmetics
1/9/07 - One of the most popular play cosmetics line for girls was Tinkerbell, famous for their BOPO nail polish.

Adventures in Wonderland ChristmasChristmas in Wonderland
12/24/06 - Step through the mirror and experience the peculiar holiday customs in Wonderland.

10 Christmas Specials in 10 Words10 Christmas Specials in 10 Words
12/15/06 - Just what the title says, I've summarized 10 Christmas Specials in no more or no less than 10 words each.
Cabbage ChristmasA Cabbage Patch Kids Christmas
12/11/06 - Reviews of the stop-motion and cartoon Cabbage Patch Kids Christmas specials + bonus.
GiftsTop 10 Thoughtless Xmas Presents
11/26/06 - Presents you'd be none-too excited to receive and some interesting alternatives.
Sweet SecretsSweet Secrets
11/24/06 - Little plastic dolls folded into their bellies and turned into barrettes, necklaces, and clips!
fashionFashion Plates
11/05/06 - Grab your crayons and get ready to rub one out, a great toy from the 80's is BACK!
ketchup vampiresThe Ketchup Vampires
10/30/06 - A Just For Kids video release about a crew of vegan vampires and their anti-blood ways.
mad libsIt's a Mad Mad Mad Lib
10/28/06 - An exploration of some spooky, _______, and fun Halloween inspired Mad Libs.
treeeeesHalloween Forest Faces
10/24/06 - Bring your trees to life this Halloween with Forest Faces. Tree costumes sold separately.
godivaGodiva Sucks at Halloween
10/22/06 - Mystie to Godiva : Your efforts have failed. Surrender all your bogus Halloween treats.
hauntedThe Haunted Gingerbread House
10/15/06 - Mystie presents another at-home food kit. A? Will the house turn out to be really haunted?
EureekaIt Came From Beneath the Bed
10/08/06 - The Eureeka's Castle Halloween special also as "Nightmare on Magellan Street"
justin caseJustin Case
10/06/06 - An obscure Disney Sunday Night Movie that starred comedian George Carlin as a dead dick.
The Story of MenstruationThe Story of Menstruation
9/26/06 - Presenting the worst true horror story ever. At least you're getting it in the watered-down Disney format.
powerpuffPowerpuff Girls the Anime
9/23/06 - The spin-off series Powerpuff Girls Z has premiered. Let's see how it compares to the original.
auctionThe Happy Meal Mystery Auction
9/17/06 - Of all the things I've bought off eBay, this has got to be one of the weirdest. What treasures will lie within?
mpl pc play packMy Little Pony PC Play Pack
9/10/06 - Those princesses of pastel, the My Little Ponies are starring in their own computer adventure!
craon makerNaked Barbie makes Crayons
8/20/06 - Presenting a review of the Crayola Crayon Maker with hardcore toy nudity! Not for the faint of heart.
Get in Shape, Girl!
7/31/06 - A remake of a great toy from yesteryear, Get in Shape Girl is back for another 10 laps around the back yard.
piratesPirates of the Caribbean Happy Meal
7/09/06 - Ahoy! Happy Meals off the port vow! Swab the poop deck! Shiver me timbers! Blatantly cliche pirate catch-phrase!
Girl GamesTop 10 Girl Games Countdown
7/02/06 - Once upon a time in a castle far far away girls needed some games to play. Now I bring you the top games for girls.
KFC Famous Bowls
5/21/06 - Kentucky Fried Chicken has a tasty new treat for you. Now if only they could produce chickens that actually sweat gravy.
dnoutsCrayola Dino-Mite Donut Kit
5/2/06 - Visit a recent attempt by Crayola to poison our children by promising them donuts that are made of recycled crayon boxes.
Magic MiddlesRecreating Magic Middles
4/23/06 - Keebler used to make the most magical of cookies that everyone loved. Now I'm rolling up my sleeves and trying to make my own.
Chocolate Ears Mickey
4/16/06 - A follow-up to the Mickey's Parade article. Praise the Disney Deities, Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bars are back!
2006 Peepdown to Easter
A daily countdown to Easter where each day you'll get a review of a Peeptastic new toy or a Peepariffic treat!
Hugga Bunch the Movie
3/19/06 - The popular doll collection had a disturbing little movie that no one can fully remember, so here's a review to help refresh your memory.
3-Minute Ice Cream Maker
3/15/06 - Can Mystie really make ice cream in three minutes or will she just make another mess?
Radica Cupcakes
3/12/06 - A sprinkle, a swish, a twinkle, a wish! The remake of the Cupcakes doll, a little slice of pastry perfection.
Chocolate Monster Pops
3/05/06 - Chomp chomp, growl growl, chocolate monsters are on the prowl! Better bite them before they bite back.
Girlz DIY
2/25/06 - With the Girlz DIY sets you not only get pretend cosmetics, but you can make a mess mixing them up.
Mickey's Parade
2/12/06 - Long ago Good Humor had the best licensed character ice cream treats you can ever imagine.
Shamrock Shakes Are Back
Uncle O' Grimacey may be long gone, but the Shamrock Shakes will still be around this season spreading minty joy to all.
The Addams Family Cereal
2/5/06 - A review of the cereal promoting The Addams Family movie from 1991.
Amelia's Grocery Outlet
2/5/06 - How many post-Christmas leftover Halloween goodies can I find at the local grocery outlet?
Hello Kitty Pop-Tarts
2/01/06 - A geyser of pink sugar crystals erupted onto a family of white cats without mouths.
TV FursuitingTV Fursuiting
1/31/06 - Six different television shows that featured anthropomorphism
The Fountain Fiasco
1/28/06 - The Real Chocolate Fountain is trying to cash in on the toys that make edibles.
Valentine Jones
1/25/06 - A perfect Valentine gift, girlfriend not included.
Mystie Goes to Zern's
1/22/06 - Off in eastern Pennsylvania there's a huge Flea Market that time forgot.

Funky Junky Food
1/22/06 - Some Limited Edition foods disappear for a reason.

Nick ShortsLost Nick Shorts
1/21/06 - A review of some of the Nick shorts you wish you could have back.
Toy TalkToy Talk - Episode 1
1/19/06 - Boulder and Magma of the Rocklords face off in the most exciting battle yet.
Eating BugsEating Bugs
1/11/06 - I got the crunch larva snacks, but do I have enough gusto to actually eat them?
Small Wonder"The Body" VS "The Small Wonder"
1/9/06 - On the 41st episode of this cult TV favorite, Jesse Ventura made a special guest appearance.
The Little Sister Snooping Guide
1/10/06 - How to get in and out of your brother's room without getting caught.
99¢ store mayhemMystie Goes to the 99¢ Store
12/28/05 - Lots of crazy crap and Hello Kitty bootleg merchandise.
Hugga Bunch ComicHugga Bunch - The Comic
1/3/06 - They weren't just making appearances in bad movies.
Santa PoofChristmas Grab Bag
12/23/05 - Thingy about stuff that has to do with Christmas.
Pooh XmasChristmas at Pooh Corner
12/24/05 - A forgotten Christmas legend is reborn by my hands!

WALL WALKERS OMGWFTBBQ!!!Return of the Wall Walkers
12/7/05 - Wall Walkers are back and in more shapes and sizes than ever.

EureekaEureeka's Castle Christmas
12/17/05 - A special presentation of a great 90's Nickelodeon show.
Gummy TimeThe Gummi Zone
11/27/05 - Yummy, yummy, yummy I have gummy in my tummy!
COOKIE!! UHM YUM YUM YUM YUM!!!Case of the Fake People
12/7/05 - When bad products try to disguise themselves as good products.
Bad Toys of the 90'sBad Toys of the 90's
11/20/05 - I'm Mr Bucket, balls pop out of my mouth
ThanksgivingBugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet
11/24/05 - We give thanks for the almighty clip show bestowed upon us by the WB.
Spooky Fun FruitSpooky Fun Fruit
10/30/05 - Spooky Sunkist Fun Fruit grows on trees. They have aliens and monsters.
BoogedyMr Boogedy
10/28/05 - Mr hamburger face wants you to get out of his house in Lucifer Falls.

Monster SquadThe Monster Squad
10/11/05 - This movie was far too long overlooked, but now is ready for you to rock until you drop.

Care Bears Shaker Maker KitCare Bears Shaker Maker
10/11/05 - Making Care Bears can be fun. Or it can be an experimentation gone wrong.
Little Miss Angst
9/7/05 - Parody of the Mr Men and Little Miss children books by Roger Hargreaves.
9 Batman Toy Stuffs
9/2/05 - Exploration of a few odd Batman toys and prizes that came out in the 90s.
Adventures in the $5.50 bin
8/10/05 - Reviews of those DVD treasures you can find for a low, low price. Always!
He Man Eternia Rocks Gum
1/11/05 - Me eating He Man bubblegum produced in 1984. With pics AND video.
Transformers Constructicons
1/8/05 - These Decepticons are SO evil they can heave piles of dirt from one location to another.
Don't Eat the PicturesDon't Eat the Pictures
9/25/03 - In a movement against the digestion of historical works of art, Sesame Street brings you this film.
1,200 Mini Stickers1,200 Mini STICKERS
9/15/03 - 1½ hours of acid free fun you can have at home while watching your favorite 80's flick.
Mikey's NunchucksMikey's Electronic Nunchucks
9/13/03 - A transformation into the most gnarly of ninja reptilians.

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