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  In 1996 Crown Combo's founder, Mystie, began her first site on the internet via a free GeoCities account. The site was rough around the edges and mainly consisted of fan sites. In 2002 she started mystiesplace.com (now mystiesplace.net) a retro and pop culture entertainment site that still contained a lot of original fan sites. Then in 2006 Mystie finally switched domains to Crown Crombo, a site dedicated to entertaining the masses.
About Mystie
Born January 21, 1983
Location Berks County , Pennsylvania
Likes Writing, internet culture, animation, Panini sticker books, cooking, yoga, making web sites, Batman, drawing, campy 80's horror, and just television/movies in general.
Dislikes Horrifically scary and gory movies, ventriloquist dummies, claymation, and clowns.
Day Job Medical Coder and slave to the surgical report
E-mail : mystie@crowncombo.com




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